Max Ray was born in a little rough 3 room cabin near Gamaliel in the rural southern Kentucky county of Monroe during the waning days of the Great Depression. The son of a share cropper/subsistence farmer, he grew up on a small hillside farm where learned to use such farming devices as the hillside turning plow, double shovel and “gee-whiz” as well as the two man cross-cut saw.

After graduation from Gamaliel High School he attended Freed-Hardeman College with the intention of devoting his life to preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. After college he found his way to Burkesville, Kentucky to do “appointment” preaching and to partially support himself by working in a department store where he did everything from selling shoes to delivering furniture and appliances. It was here that he met and married Fay, the love of his life. They were to be married for almost 54 years before Fay’s death separated them in 2012. He and Fay have a daughter and two sons as well as four wonderful grandchildren.

Max has worked with churches in Burkesville and Cumberland County, Kentucky, Georgetown, IL, Louisville, KY, Tompkinsville and Monroe County, Kentucky and in several surrounding counties in that area. He has also worked with churches in Greensburg and Hodgenville, KY, Huntingdon, TN, Jonesboro, GA, Camden, SC and back to his old stomping grounds in Kentucky where he worked with a congregation near Tompkinsville for over 25 years.

Over the years he has worked to help support his family at such jobs as delivering furniture, appliances and pianos, as a meat cutter, substitute teacher, day-care worker and at other odd jobs in the local school system. One job with the schools he especially enjoyed was that of chess instructor and coach in the local elementary schools in the county where he now lives.

Presently he occupies his time reading and writing. His book, “A Better Way” has just been published and another book, “Raised Up Together” is in the works. He writes and posts often in the social media and on his blog. His ministry via the internet now extends around the world. His reading interests range from the Bible and religious books to science fiction and fantasy.


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