power made perfect in weaknessThere is a resolution to the problem of death and the evil which causes it, but it is not from man. Man cannot extricate himself from the grave in which he is entombed. How can he – he is dead. He cannot declare himself free from the slave-master who claims him. He is held in chains of bondage so strong he cannot break them. He may quit sin, but that does not erase the stain and guilt indelibly etched upon his soul. After reviewing this helpless, hopeless, unholy mess all men are in, Paul gives the answer.

Into the darkness like a brilliant flash of pure light… “But God…” What about God? What difference can he make? What will God use to change this dismal picture? What power can he use to brighten the bleakness and undo the damage sin has done to us? The apostle does not call into view the great conquests God had accomplished over enemies in the past – the drowning of the armies of Egypt, the sun standing still at Ajalon – or any other such mighty feat. All these mighty wonders pale in comparison to what God has done in Christ and what he is doing for sinners.

What answer does he give? He tells us of God – of the richness of his mercy and the greatness of his love. He tells of God who loved us while we were yet sinners – while we were dead in our trespasses – who made us alive. This was through the same “great might” that he worked in Christ when he raised him from the dead. That same power works in all who have faith in Christ, for he “made us alive together with Christ.”

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