Of Books and Boots and Other Odd Bits

51AbMEAqL8Laircast-fp-walking-brace_3_01_med71jN46-pdXLForgive me for a personal word or two just here, but for those who have come to look for more regular articles from me, I feel I owe you an explanation. Several months ago I announced that I would not be posting as regularly as I had done for two or three years. The reason for that announcement was that I was beginning a writing project (which was finished a few weeks ago). Writing a book is a grueling process, requiring months of planning, research, writing, rewriting, editing, correcting, (did I mention rewriting?) proofreading, etc. The result of this effort has been, for me at least, a mild case of burnout. But I am feeling the “creative juices” stirring again (or is that sap?) and hope to be posting more articles more often from now on.

Speaking of this most recent book, “Give Me Liberty: Restoring the Spirit of Jubilee” was written in cooperation with Dr. Bill Van Dyke with whom I became acquainted through the writing of my first book, “A Better Way.” I have had a number of people from a variety of religious backgrounds tell me they appreciate what I wrote in “A Better Way” and were looking forward to reading “Give Me Liberty.” Both these books are available in paperback and in Kindle format from Amazon.com and other booksellers as well. (It is a little unsettling – and satisfying in a way – to “Google” Max Ray and the title of either book and see that it is advertised in England, the Scandinavian countries, India, etc. and even by a reseller on eBay! Such is the power of the internet today!)

I do have another book in the works entitled “Raised Up Together.” This is one I started writing more than 20 years ago and have never completed it. I am not satisfied with much of what I wrote way back then and will probably wind up tossing most of it and doing a complete rewrite of the whole thing. But I do not plan to go about it with the same intensity I have devoted to my previous books. Watch for it, hopefully within the coming year.

While on personal news, I haven’t done much writing – or anything else for that matter – for the past week. On Tuesday, January 21st, I slipped on some ice and took a nasty fall. Made it to the emergency room at the Monroe County Medical Center in Tompkinsville where X-rays indicated a broken bone. (The ER doctor thought it was broken in two places). After spending the night at the MCMC “resort,” I went to Bowling Green to the Western Kentucky Orthopaedic & Neurosurgical Associates for more X-rays. The doctor I saw there found that there was only one tiny crack in the fibula in my left leg (the small bone in the lower leg) which didn’t require a cast. However because of the doctor’s concern that there might be more extensive injury to my ankle, he prescribed a “boot” to stabilize it. I went back to the doctor today and he told me to “lose the boot,” which I was more than eager to do – I had taken my shoe with me just in case! There is still quite a bit of soreness in my ankle, but I am much improved. I count myself very fortunate in that I didn’t have any more serious injuries. The foot is still black and blue, but I think a few more days and it will be as good as new! Well, maybe not as good as new, but as good as an old man can hope it to be!

With that said, I will just add that when I begin posting again, I think it will be a series on “Knowing God.” With all the controversy out there over what is acceptable in religion, over whether to change worship, over who is right and who is wrong about this or that doctrine, with all the accusations and counter accusations, it seems to me that the greatest need is simply to know God whom it all is about. I want to do this because it seems to me that almost no one is beginning at the beginning or focusing on the focal point of what the Bible is really all about – which is God, Himself.

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One Response to Of Books and Boots and Other Odd Bits

  1. Keith McCaskill says:

    Fantastic Idea…… This has to be one of God’s greatest disappointments in creating man.. Man’s refusal to truly know God.

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