A BETTER WAY (8) Consequences of An Idea (Cont’d) …

Today I wish to think for just a few moments about the results of the popular acceptance of what has long been considered a theory, but which today is assumed to be proven fact and required to be taught to all children in public schools without any alternative view being allowed to challenge it. Darwinian evolution remains a theory because it cannot be proven to be fact. This is why scientists, (paleontologists, etc.), keep looking for “the missing link” that would show a continual progression from lower forms into higher forms of life as in the “monkey to man” depictions which are standard in every evolutionary publication. Evolution is so widely accepted because human beings do not want God in their lives. If the creation and human life in particular did not come from God, then man can dismiss any thought of God from their lives and live as he pleases.

During the 19th century when Darwin published his book, “Origin of Species,” atheist philosophers such as Ludwig Andreas von Feuerbach, Karl Marx, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche Auguste Comte, David Friedrich Strauss, Charles Bradlaugh, Herbert Spencer and Thomas Henry Huxley were laying the foundation for future society. Darwin’s theory was seen by men such as these as validating their already atheistic concepts and their atheism, affected by Darwin’s theory, deeply affected their thinking and the societies that bought into their ideas.

In particular, consider two of those societies, Germany and Russia, in the 20th century. In Germany, arising out of this milieu of Darwinian/atheistic philosophy, Adolph Hitler was the “guiding spirit,” or fuhrer, of Germany’s Third Reich from 1933 to 1945.” Hitler was very much influenced by the German philosopher, Nietzsche and his “God is dead” and “overman” or “super-human” philosophical concepts.

Adolf Hitler (1889-1945) was the founder and leader of the Nazi Party and the most influential voice in the organization, implementation and execution of the Holocaust, the systematic extermination and ethnic cleansing of six million European Jews and millions of other non-aryans. (Jewish Virtual Library).

World War 2 with the horrors of the Nazi concentration camps (15,000 in Germany and the occupied countries) was a result of Hitler’s conclusions based on Darwinian/Nietzschean evolution. One of these concentration camps was the infamous Auschwitz-Birkenau, in which at least 1,100,000 Jews were killed in gas chambers, by starvation, horrible “scientific” experiments and by other means. Altogether it is thought that over 6,ooo,ooo people were exterminated in the Nazi death camps.

The underlying premise upon which the Nazi’s operated was their idea of the Germanic people being the “Master Race,” which, they thought, gave them the right to subjugate and rule the whole world. The Jews were an inferior race, fit only to be destroyed. This idea is fully in accord with the Darwininan/evolutionist doctrine of the “survival of the fittest” and connects to Nietzsche’s concept of “over-man” or “super-human.” In Hitlerian thinking, that led to the idea that only the strongest, most fit should be allowed to reproduce (the Nazi interpretation) and thus their experiments in eugenics – the manipulation of society in order to produce a better, stronger mankind – especially soldiers – and their justification for the Holocaust and their supposed right to rule the world.

Master racewas a concept in Nazi ideology in which the Nordic race, a branch of what in late-19th and early-20th century taxonomy was called the Aryan race, represented an ideal and “pure race”. In Nazi ideology this “Nordic” race was the purest example of the original racial stock of those who were then called the Proto-Aryans, whom the Nazis believed to have prehistorically dwelt on the North German Plain and to have ultimately originated from the lost continent of Atlantis. The Nazis declared that the Nordics, (nowadays referred to as the Germanic peoples), were the true Aryans (cf. Aryan certificate) because they were less racially mixed with “non-native” Indo-European peoples than other people of what were then called the Aryan peoples (now generally called the Indo-European peoples), such as the Slavic peoples, the Romance peoples and the Indo-Iranian peoples. Based on this claim that the “Nordic” peoples were superior to all other races, the Nazis believed they were entitled to world domination. This concept is known as Nordicism.

In Russia, Vladimir Lenin took the teachings of atheist philosopher and economist, Karl Marx, worked it into a form of Darwinian economics and political theory known as Communism.

Karl Marx based his theory of economic development on the premise of evolving economic systems; specifically, over the course of history superior economic systems would replace inferior ones. Inferior systems were beset by internal contradictions and inefficiencies that make them impossible to survive over the long term. In Marx’s scheme, feudalism was replaced by capitalism, which would eventually be superseded by communism. (Wikipedia).

Through the Bolshevik Revolution Lenin imposed this system on Russia and eventually on many other countries, including especially, those of Eastern Europe. The result of this is what was known as the Soviet Union, or the USSR. Again we find repeated the same kinds of pogroms as in Germany, but on the basis of different assumptions, i.e., that Communism was the only way for society to be organized. Think of the Soviet Gulags and the mass extermination of millions under Vladimir Lenin and Josef Stalin that resulted from the imposition of the Darwinian model of evolutionary economics and social structure. Marx’s idea of the struggle (which is described by Marx as “materialist-dialectic”) of the masses, the “proletariat,” against the repression of their “bourgeoisie” masters is based on the evolutionary concept of the survival of the fittest. Thus, the masses, proven by their successive victories over the bourgeoisie, are the ones who are suited to organize society and ultimately to rule the world! (Wikipedia). This struggle, as Marx viewed it, would result in higher levels of advancement (evolution) of society until the ideal communistic state is reached where everyone would be equal, each sharing the fruit of their labor (‘from each according to his abilities, to each according to his needs‘).

The only problem with that is, as history has proven, it always has resulted in the repression of the proletariat and domination by the Party with the few officials being the only ones reaping the benefits of the laborers work.

Now, why have I gone through all this history? Simply to illustrate to you that what we are dealing with is not simply a tool or a natural way of thinking, but an arsenal of “nuclear bombs” waiting to be detonated. Christians(?) use the “tactical bombs” now to blow one another up. Darwin, Marx, Hitler, Lenin and Stalin used the “dooms-day bomb” to blow up the world. That may be seen as a misuse of the process by one incompetent “scientist”(?). But look at the consequences of that misuse!

You may say, I would never do that. Can you be certain? If even one soul is lost because of our being mistaken about the conclusions we have reached through a “method,” that is a tragedy of eternal consequence to them and to us. If there is a better way to approach the Bible instead of relying on something so dangerous, something I believe I can show you to be a construct of humanism, wouldn’t you want to find out what that better way is?

Tomorrow: The history of an idea …

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